Appliance Rebates
Provides rebates for qualifying residential, ENERGY STAR® -certified appliances such as washers and, dryers, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, and room air conditioners.
Appliance Recycling Program
Your local electric company may pick up and recycle your old, working refrigerator or freezer and give you a rebate. You can receive an additional rebate when you recycle your working room air conditioner or dehumidifier at the same time. There is no cost to participate in this program and all appliances are responsibly recycled. Check with your electric provider.
Benchmarking Program
Mandatory for commercial buildings larger than 25,000 square feet and free & voluntary for all others, this program uses the EPA's Portfolio Manager tool to benchmark and compare a building's energy and water performance against buildings of comparable use to help you better understand and track your building's performance over time.
Combined Heat and Power & Fuel Cell Program
Provides generous financial incentives for Combined Heat & Power (CHP) and Fuel Cell (FC) installations.
Combined Heat and Power - Feasibility Study
Designed to increase and expand distributed energy resources by providing incentives towards the cost of developing Feasibility Studies for combined heat and power systems and fuel cells.
Comfort Partners Program
Helps income-eligible residential customers reduce their utility bills by implementing cost-effective measures, focusing on air sealing and insulation, that save energy and money while improving their existing home's safety and comfort at no cost.
Community Solar Energy Pilot Program
Enables utility customers to participate in a solar energy project that is not located on their property. Community solar is a way to support solar energy and save on your power bill without installing your own solar panels. Instead, you join a local solar farm.
Electric Vehicles - Charging Program
Provides incentives for customers to facilitate easy and cost-efficient installation of EV chargers.
Electric Vehicles - Local & State Governments: Clean Fleet EV Incentive Program
Supports local and state governments as they transition their fleets to EVs by providing grants for the purchase of battery electric vehicles, public Level-Two chargers, and fleet Level-Two EV charging station(s).
Electric Vehicles - Multi-Family: Multi Unit Dwelling EV Charger Incentive
Offers incentives to encourage owners and operators of multiunit dwellings (MUDs) to provide EV chargers for residents and guests. The incentives support the purchase and installation of eligible Level-Two EV charging equipment.
Electric Vehicles - Public: EV Tourism
Provides up to six Level-Two chargers and two DC Fast Chargers for public/tourist locations ranging from boardwalks, parks, and other unique attractions, as well as overnight lodging establishments.
Energy Efficient Products
Provides instant discounts on residential energy-efficiency products, such as smart thermostats, LEDs, smart strips, conservation kits, and more through utility online marketplaces.
Energy Savings Improvement Program
Provides government entities with funds to pay for energy-related improvements to their facilities using the value of energy savings that result from the improvements.
Equipment Upgrade: Custom Projects
Helps businesses develop energy-saving projects customized to existing facilities by providing incentives for installing new energy-saving equipment. Custom projects are typically multi-measure or optimization solutions for which customers earn performance-based incentives using $/kWh and or $/therm.
Equipment Upgrade: Direct Install
Provides financial incentives for up to 80% of the installed costs to replace existing inefficient equipment with high-efficiency alternatives in smaller facilities with annual average demand of up to 200 kW.
Equipment Upgrade: HVAC
Provides rebates and access to 0% financing for residential HVAC equipment such as, furnaces, boilers, AC, heat pumps, heat pump water heaters and smart thermostats.
Equipment Upgrade: Prescriptive
Provides incentives for installing single and multiple pieces of equipment in commercial and industrial facilities. Incentive levels are predetermined and apply to equipment for heating and cooling, refrigeration, HVAC controls, lighting and lighting controls, food service, and more.
Existing Buildings: Energy Management
Provides holistic solutions and incentives to optimize the performance of existing building systems. Can include HVAC Tune-Up and Building Tune-Up, Retro-commissioning, and Strategic Energy Management Solutions.
Existing Buildings: Engineered Solutions
Supports tailored, comprehensive energy efficiency solutions and incentives for larger commercial customers in targeted segments including municipalities, universities, schools, hospitals, healthcare, and nonprofits.
Existing Buildings: Large Energy Users
Promotes self-investment in energy efficiency for eligible projects in the state's largest commercial and industrial facilities.
Free Local Government Energy Audit
Allows local government, state, and select non-profit agencies to examine their facilities and see how they can improve their existing facilities' energy use.
Higher Education Decarbonization Program
Designed to encourage colleges, universities, and educational institutions to support New Jersey’s clean energy future by taking actionable steps toward decarbonization.
Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®
Supplies customized whole house solutions that consider the building shell and equipment; also provides access to rebates and 0% financing.
Moderate-Income Weatherization
Provides moderate-income residential customers for a comprehensive audit with qualifying energy savings measures (focusing on air sealing and insulation but can include other measures), as well as providing for required health and safety measures.
NJ's investor-owned utilities offer various programs for multi-family properties to lower per-unit energy costs through energy assessments, single measure, and whole-building energy efficiency rebates and incentives.
Municipal: Community Energy Plan Grants
Provides support to municipalities to develop climate action plans at the local level based on their assessment of which Energy Master Plan strategies are most applicable in their respective communities.
New Construction Comprehensive: Pay for Performance
The Pay for Performance Program provides incentives through a comprehensive, whole-building approach to energy efficiency in planned new-construction buildings over 50,000 square feet of conditioned space. Program partners develop energy reduction plans for each project by developing simulated computer models for planned buildings with the aim of designing them to perform better than a minimally code-compliant building.
New Construction Prescriptive & Custom: SmartStart
New Jersey SmartStart Buildings offers fixed and savings-based incentives for selecting energy efficient equipment for building systems in new construction and substantial renovation projects including custom projects.
New Construction: Residential New Construction
Provides incentives to help builders step up to building ENERGY STAR® certified homes.
Quick Home Energy Check-up (QHEC)
Provides a no-cost home energy assessment, installation of energy-saving products, and recommendations to help save energy, and information on other available programs, rebates, and incentives.